New Species of Bear Found...

Bears come back to Britain after centuries


Evidence came to light this week that small wild bears had been living in a wood in South Devon. A spokesman for an animal welfare group had this to say.
“We examined the site, and yes, there is evidence that some sort of animal had been living there. We found hollowed out hedges and tree roots, too high for badgers and too large for rabbits. It would indicate that the bears are quite tiny and don’t pose a threat to humans or farm animals.”
Another source said a local specialist, D.H.Dodgson, had been studying the bears for a few years but had kept it secret.
“We know for a fact that a young girl had also been keeping them in a nearby farmhouse,” they said.
When contacted, the girl (a Ms. Nicholls) refused to comment saying she feared for the bear’s safety but did confirm their existence.
“They are Dinker bears and are descendants of the brown & black bear, though much smaller,” she said. “I can’t say any more than that but if people want to know about them, they should read D.H.Dodgson’s books, they are now freely available under the title of ‘Sherford’s Lost Valley’.”
Ms. Nicholls refused to say any more but has given a website where you can get more information.